Bethany, mother to a four year old adopted boy at the end of therapy:
Thanks Roza for everything you have done. I don’t think we could have gotten to this point without you. We are in a very good place right now and it is all because of your help. I wish you the very best in life. You are an angel.

Yvonne, mother of three children, 7,5, and 4 at the end of an 18 month therapy:
Thank you so much. You are truly an astonishing woman and a blessing to us. Thank you for all you have done for my family during the hardest time of my life. You have inspired me tremendously and helped me get where I am today while I was thinking of ending my life. You just brightened up my dark world with some the things you said. We all love you and will always remember you and how you helped changing our lives! You are the best!


Families come to The Home for help in all different ways with almost all of them facing some of the most difficult times of their lives. Treanna who was almost 19 at the time was no different. Her adorable 2 year-old daughter was referred to The Home’s Safe at Home program for some extra services. As Roza, a Safe at Home clinician, began her visits she noticed that Treanna also needed extra support.
Roza began weekly individual visits with Treanna. She quickly noticed two things: the extraordinary intelligence of this young mom and the tragic life she has lived.
Treanna shared her history of abuse, neglect, and the lack of support while suffering during particularly tough times. “Life was NEVER easy for me. I’ve bounced all over the place throughout my short time on this planet,” Treanna added as she spoke about her multiple middle and high school placements. Trusting Roza, Treanna told her of her feelings of isolation during these times.
Homeless and out on the streets, young Treanna fell into an abusive relationship with the man who ultimately made her a mother at the age of 17. She was sure that she didn’t want her daughter to fall into the vicious cycle of abuse and its consequences. So brave enough, she was able to break the cycle and seek social support.
Treanna is a wonderful mother to her baby girl, her number one priority. She found housing for herself and her daughter in a safe women’s shelter that had special services for teen moms. At the same time, she knew that education was important in being able to provide the type of life she wanted for her small family. Enrolling in Boston Day and Evening Academy, she took the next step in her life as a role of model for her little one; something she never had as a child. The conditions of the shelter and the struggles of being a teen mom made it tough, but Treanna felt supported by the programs and services she received.
Roza checked in often about how school was going and humble Treanna would shrug and answer, “It’s going okay.” Too modest to do it herself, shelter staffers told Roza that not only was 19-year-old Treanna graduating but she was the valedictorian of her class and was granted the opportunity to deliver a speech at graduation.
Everyone deserves to celebrate their successes with their loved ones and friends. Treanna asked Roza, her clinician and an employee of The Home, to join some of her close family members at her graduation and commemorate the amazing accomplishment. “Her speech was powerful and unforgettable,” said Roza remembering the joyous day.
The accomplishments didn’t stop there. A couple weeks later two more major things happened. Treanna was admitted to college and she purchased her own vehicle. “This has changed my daughter’s and my own life for the better.” Now working and having her own transportation she is able to provide in a way that she never experienced at that age.
Many ask her how she has managed to cope with such a traumatic childhood and adolescents. Treanna shared, “I’m resilient. My secret to stop my racing thoughts and be able to calm down is drawing! I love to draw and I’m not talking about doodling. I’m talking bright, vivid, and meaningful art.”
Treanna’s triumphs show that with the correct supports and the willingness to utilize them, youth who have experienced trauma and difficulties can be resilient and overcome their obstacles. She is truly a success story and an example of why The Home never gives ups on children and never lets them give up on themselves.